“We can not do great things, only small things with great love”.

-Mother Theresa

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Community Welcome House - Transitional Facility prodiving shelter for families in need.Community Welcome House serves as a transitional facility which provides shelter for women and women with children in need of shelter due to domestic violence. We understand healing begins when safety, stability and trust are nurturing those in crisis. While in our care, we provide supportive services to best assist in regaining independence in hopes of realizing the future they desire. It is the hope of Community Welcome House that through education, compassion and action women will become empowered to advance their roles, rights and well being. Read More

The Community Welcome House is a safe house from domestic violence victomsDomestic Violence begins in the home. Domestic violence is physical bruising, emotional scars, psychological control and generational cycle. A woman is abused every 9-15 seconds. Three fourths of domestic violence victims are reported to have one or more children under the age of 18 years of age. 26% of murdered women are killed by their husbands or boyfriends. 30% of women in emergency rooms are there because of injuries from abuse. Medical expenses caused by domestic violence in the U.S. totals between 3-5 billion dollars annually. Children are present during 80% of the assaults against their mother. 25% of domestic violence victims are pregnant at the time of the abuse. Read More


The three cycles of abuse are:

  1. Tension Building (slamming of doors, breaking of possessions, threats) victim tries to appease the batterer.
  2. Battering (physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse).
  3. Honeymoon Stage (Continued effort of power and control, batterer becomes loving and apologetic).


Make Donations

Donate to the Community Welcome House - Domestic Violence Safe House Donate toys, books, art materials, educational materials, food, and other material or financial assistance to help victims of domestic violence. Read More

Number of Community Welcome House residents served:

Since 1998, CWH has protected more than 1,1918 women and children from their abusers. During 2014 - we have sheltered 65 women and children.

Since 2009, CWH has assisted 3,193 women in outreach. During 2014, we have helped 468 women with resources to help better their family's life.

Community Welcome House

P.O Box 1631

Newnan, GA 30264

Phone: (770) 304-0966

Fax: (770) 502-7731

If you are involved in an emergency situation.... Call 911 immediately!!

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