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Bright Horizons

“The Damage You Can’t See”

The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children and the Community Welcome House have partnered to address the importance of children whose families are in crisis due to domestic violence. The foundation’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of children. The foundation supports programs that serve at risk children; instill a positive self-concept and self-esteem in children; provide nurturing, creative environments; and support and facilitate the development of strong families. The concept is to teach children about a better world. The Bright Spaces is the signature program for the foundation that creates warm, enriching places for children and families in crisis to plan, learn and have fun.

The project designed for Community Welcome House will include an infant and toddler room. It will use the think “Great Places for Babies” initiative. The room will be equipped with age appropriate soft furniture, equipment, manipulatives, books and storage space. Preschool and school age children will have a club house atmosphere. It will be a place for children to relax and focus on homework and positive friendships. Included in this area will be a technology center. An indoor and out door art studio is part of the plans. Art is a very important part of the therapeutic process for children who have experienced trauma. This area will provided a dramatic play structure for therapy, writing and language, role play and puppet stage. A gardening space will be added to plant, care and harvest the vegetables for the safe haven. A reflection garden will include a place for sitting and being alone or with others.